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"Alexandra, thank you so much for all your help all last winter and spring. That was a horrible, horrible situation and I do not know what we and the employees would have done without you.  You single handedly saved the company and its legacy and literally have made a huge impact on many lives. You are a true heroine!  I just cannot think of another lawyer, or person, who would have or could have done what you did.  It’s just incredible what you did for us.  Thank you, Alexandra, for everything".  -- Laura B.
"Alexandra, if there is a day that comes your way when you question what you are doing for your career - just remind yourself of me.
Remind yourself that you put together his agreements for him when he was too naive and trusting to know what he needed to do to protect himself from future issues and changes and downfalls.
It is your work, and only your work, constructing those documents so well that protected Mr. Naive & Trusting from having his family go down the financial toilet. No exaggeration. 
So on behalf of my wife, my kids and me, thank you so much for putting it all together the way you did. It saved us. We will now be able to climb out with cuts and bruises and maybe a broken bone but we will climb out. It would have been limbs and permanent scars! Thank you so much". --Doug W.
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